Captain Kaare Bakke is the principal of Viking Maritime LLC, a marine operations firm which collaborates with Global Destinations on ship, marine, and logistical matters. Based in Jacksonville, Captain Bakke is a thirty-five year veteran of the cruise ship and port industry.

Captain Bakke is widely respected for his knowledge of marine operations and ports, and is considered one of the world’s leading experts. He literally “put on the map” many of the now name-brand ports in the world.

Captain Bakke was the Vice President, Port Operations at Norwegian Cruise Line, where he was responsible for the development and risk assessment of new itineraries; berthing surveys; terminal operations including docking, storing and stevedoring; and liaising with Customs, Immigration and governmental authorities.

He also was responsible for NCL’s, the world’s third largest line, ship movements and fleet operations. He was the fleet captain for the company, operating worldwide, and is one of the industry’s pioneers.

Captain Bakke remains an active consultant on worldwide projects. He has worked with Global Destinations since 2005 on projects including at Wrangell, Alaska for the City of Wrangell; for the Cruise Association of Newfoundland & Labrador, Canada; for the Port of St. John’s, Canada; and for the Prince Rupert Port Authority. His contributions include feasibility, marine operations, and port assessments such as analyzing a port’s wind, wave, shoreline bathymetry, and currents and how these factors impact modern day cruise ship movements and operations.

In addition to Global Destinations, Captain Bakke retains close relationships with Norwegian Cruise Line (NCL), for whom he continues to consult on ship captaining, island development, and operational matters.